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Joe Conason: ISIS needs the ‘useful idiots’ who demonize Muslims

Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015
France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls: “nous sommes en guerre” — we are at war

E.J. Dionne: Political leaders must do more to promote confidence

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
The recent terrorist attacks have called forth predictable demands from our nation’s politicians, particularly President Obama’s opponents, for American leadership in the world.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama lacks the passion for ISIS fight

Monday, Nov. 23, 2015
Tell me: What’s a suicide bomber doing with a passport?

George Will: Christie has talent to overtake GOP field

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015
Paris was for all Americans, but especially for Republicans, a summons to seriousness

Higher minimum wage makes sense for state workers

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is taking a big step in terms of pay for state workers: He’s using his executive authority to establish a state municipal minimum wage of $15 an hour.
Metroplex accomplished what failed politics could not

Metroplex accomplished what failed politics could not

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015
Luckily, many of the people who put politics aside to lead the charge that turned Schenectady around can still recount in great detail how history actually played out.

Linda Chavez: Destroy ISIS now before they bring fight to our shores

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015
President Barack Obama has a choice: destroy the Islamic State group or Islamic State bring its war to America

David Harsanyi: Shouting down alternative views is killing 1st Amendment

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

Eugene Robinson: Alternative to Obama's plan is ground troops

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
As Paris mourns its dead, critics of President Obama's caution in the fight against the Islamic State are full of sound and fury

Froma Harrop: What’s next for U.S. after Paris?

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
French people referred to the attacks on the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and other sites as their 9/11

Richard Cohen: Our common enemy throughout history: Intolerance

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
Historian and public intellectual Niall Ferguson looked at what happened in Paris and somehow saw Rome

Mona Charen: Universities should be havens for dissent, not shelters for snowflakes

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015
America will be wrapped in “diversity” and demanding “safe spaces.

E.J. Dionne: Candidates all but ignoring America’s working class

Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
White working-class voters have been a key building block of the Republican coalition

Is legalized marijuana movement going up in smoke?

Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015
One of the most surprising results from the recent state elections was Ohio voters voting overwhelmingly against Big Pot.

State's receivership law is political grandstanding

Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015
Schenectady school Superintendent Laurence Spring said it best: The state’s receivership law is “deeply flawed.”

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