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Charles Krauthammer: After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over

December 1991 — communism died, the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union disappeared

Linda Chavez: So far, Trump deserves mixed grades for transition

Donald Trump has made some good Cabinet appointments

George Will: Sensitivity police taking protection role to a new level

The word “inappropriate” is increasingly used inappropriately

Be diligent when sowing the seeds of change

One of the pleasures of long cold winter evenings is browsing through seed catalogs, planning for next year’s gardens.

Joe Conason: Petraeus leaks far more real and dangerous than Clinton’s

Donald Trump ranted constantly about the woman he smeared as “Crooked Hillary”

George Will: Funding infrastructure a dubious way to boost economy

History has a sly sense of humor

David Harsanyi: News media must stop normalizing the bigoted alt-right

March for Life gets less coverage than a fringe neo-Nazi gathering

Cuomo, state must be a wall against Trump agenda

I hear it’s time to give President-elect Donald Trump a chance. Well, I gave him a chance, and then he hired a white nationalist as his chief strategist — so his chance is now up.

Eugene Robinson: Draining the swamp? Trump poised to deepen the muck

Demand ethical integrity, Donald Trump cannot be allowed to be an exception

E.J. Dionne: In working with Trump, Dems must preserve liberties

Hold Donald Trump accountable by challenging him

Froma Harrop: Goodbye, Facebook, you've become evil

Dear Facebook friends

George Will: Higher education must weigh its role in electing Trump

Why didn’t the dean of students prevent the election from disrupting the serenity

Linda Chavez: Changes, variations in Hispanic voters skewed exit polls

Number of Hispanic voters who seemed to choose Donald Trump

David Harsanyi: Ignore the angry mob. Long live the Electoral College

Anti-Trump protesters hit the streets in big cities around the country

Charles Krauthammer: Trump, Republicans must find way to work together

Donald Trump won fair and square

George Will: Election a disruptive yet ruinous triumph for the GOP

A loser who deserved to lose and a winner who did not deserve to win

Racing can't stop the killing

Every day, horses are killed on American race tracks. Every day.

National parks give us many gifts

After reading about the centennial of the United States National Park System, I realized the coverage has not always covered the most important part of the history of the parks.

What happens after the election is of greater import

Retaining sufficient objectivity to offer some cogent observations during this election cycle has been a trying experience to say the least.

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