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Social media plays to our anti-social side

Earlier this month Sara Niccoli, the supervisor of the small western Montgomery County town of Palatine running for a seat in the state Senate, was bitterly criticized on social media for not placing her hand over her heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Governor’s split allegiances serve only himself

Do you identify with a party that you actually aren’t an official member of?

State lawmakers must get handle on spending, economic development

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets back from his shining moment at the Democratic National Convention and when state legislators get back from summer vacation, the first thing they should do is focus on two disturbing reports, both released Friday, that illustrate the depth of New York’s economic and governmental problems.

Move-over law should apply to all

All motorists by the side of the road need protection from passing cars

State fines hurt local taxpayers

Money could be put to more productive use

Still waiting for just one accomplishment

*Still waiting for just one accomplishment
*To critique Israel, use trustworthy sources
*Harrop didn't have Carlson suit just right
*Need better solutions to making U.S. great

Fact check: Trump acceptance speech

Fact check: Trump acceptance speech

But he relies on statistics that are ripe for manipulation, citing misleading numbers on the economy, for example, through selective use of years, data and sources.

State keeps public in the dark again

Report on SolarCity project in Buffalo was supposed to be released, but wasn't. Sound familiar?

In mass shooting, it’s safer to shoot back

*In mass shooting, it’s safer to shoot back
*Work together to end cop-citizen violence

If it might be a conflict of interest, just avoid it

When it comes to conflicts of interest in government, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if there's a chance someone might perceive your action as questionable, then you probably shouldn't do it.

Deep analysis needed of the rise in violence

*Deep analysis needed of the rise in violence
*Think what Martin Luther King would do

Give feds more power over invasive species

Legislation from early 1900s needs to be updated to preserve local ecosystems from intrusive plants, animals

Concerns about 24/7 Wi-Fi are overstated

*Concerns about 24/7 Wi-Fi are overstated
*Impressed by crew from National Grid
*Old way of electing a president undesirable
*Follow God's laws in protecting all humans

Is governor's probe worth the $450K pricetag?

New Yorkers on the hook for cost of investigation that parallels U.S. Attorney's investigation

High Notes: Support for families of sick children, police relations, helping a pastor

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Problems won't be solved by convention

*Problems won't be solved by convention
*Keep library's Wi-Fi on all day and night
*Is affordable housing really so affordable?

Do something to slow down speeders

*Do something to slow down speeders
*Leaders gloss over threat of terrorism
*Stop promoting the anti-Israel rhetoric
*Athletes should set positive example first

Pokemon: Go have fun, but be cautious

New phenomenon is fun, but it also has serious aspects that must be considered

Duke boycott scores point for civil rights

Standing up for principles is bigger than a sporting event

Every man a sheriff: Join forces to help police

Rather than just talking about the problems, go out and help police

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