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Regular screening for cancer key to success

*Regular screening for cancer key to success
*Tedisco will continue to excel in the Senate
*Appalled by paper's lack of objectivity
*Hillary must vow best for Americans
*Putnam will walk the walk on corruption

Speak out on Colonie dump plan

Public hearing last chance for citizens to influence DEC on decision to expand landfill

Charles Krauthammer: No to Clinton. No to Trump. Deciding who to write in

Case against Clinton could have been written before the recent WikiLeaks and FBI disclosures

Proctors provides an escape from bad news

*Proctors provides an escape from bad news
*Hypocrisy at heart of demands to disavow
*Taxpayers shouldn't have to fund abortion
*Economy, planet win with Teachout plan
*Both candidates put America in jeopardy

Froma Harrop: Clinton's Wall Street speeches were brilliant

Hillary Clinton’s “secrecy problem” as mere babble

George Will: Wisconsin may be a measure of country’s metabolism

Ron Johnson defeated a three-term incumbent

State doesn’t need to expand wilderness

*State doesn’t need to expand wilderness
*Ryan’s agenda does not support women
*Want president who will be thoughtful
*Will new president have time to do job?

Don’t dismiss concerns over election security

The saying goes that just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.

State sends wrong environmental message on storage of rock chips

Recently, articles appeared in The Daily Gazette and Bloomberg News expressing concern over rock chips being trucked from energy development wells in Pennsylvania for disposal in Southern New York.

These 'Democrats' pervert our system

For the first time in many years, Democrats have a solid chance of taking firm control over the state Senate

David Harsanyi: Clinton is entitled to her opinions, not her own facts

Chris Wallace did a solid job pressing the candidates on issues

Americans deserve a mulligan on election

*Americans deserve a mulligan on election
*Trump and his money can't buy presidency
*Hold public hearings on setting term limits
*U.S. must put ban on cruel leg-hold traps
*If you like Riggi, then vote for Jurczynski

Crack down on college loan tactics

If you want to make an extra payment on your car loan or your mortgage in order to reduce the amount you want to pay in interest over time, you can usually do that.

Faso misrepresents Teachout climate plan

*Faso misrepresents Teachout climate plan
*Tedisco has record of service to New York
*No matter outcome, America is the loser
*Get educated about effect of Republicans
*Some questions for Clinton and Obama
*Voters need to grow up, behave, then vote

Cut out the insults; stick to the facts

Cuomo-DiNapoli feud starting to cloud credibility of reports

New form of debate needed for civility

*New form of debate needed for civility
*Happy to see Strock sharing views again
*Republicans to blame for the Trump fiasco
*Good to see vets tax exemption debated
*First lady's words not meshing with actions

Reconsider nuclear plant subsidies

Large diverse coalition opposes Cuomo administration credits to rescue aging nuke plants

Schenectady has lost its faith in McCarthy

*Schenectady has lost its faith in McCarthy
*Positive Train Control worth the investment
*Clinton backs cruel abortion practices
*Art of debate is lost in presidential race
*Clinton won't pull US out of current decline

Schenectady cops need body cameras

If you watch the dash-cam footage from a Schenectady police car during a 2015 assault on city police officer Mark Weekes, you get an idea of how the cameras can be so valuable.

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