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Froma Harrop: Would-be cheaters get lesson in deception

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015
The thousands who’ve been outed as users of the Ashley Madison adultery website: You deserve sympathy

Mona Charen: With Trump, GOP covets Obama’s defiance of the law

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015
List of harms inflicted upon the United States by Barack Obama and his party, perhaps the worst was Caesarism

Nonprofits should operate in real world

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015
*Nonprofits should operate in real world
*Don’t be fooled by Rotterdam Dems
*Iran deal best option for peace, security
*Don’t use race card to identify our heroes

A shell game for full-blown gambling

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015
Lawmakers pushing envelope as to what constitutes casino gambling

Joe Conason: GOP should be concerned about Trump’s fascist appeal

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015
Nobody laughs at Donald Trump anymore

Dropping of A-bomb helped vet to long life

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015
*Dropping of A-bomb helped vet to long life
*Slow drivers, texters should stay off roads
*Use water as tool to boost downtowns
*Meaning of redlining was misunderstood
*Schenectady groups helping with housing

Cuomo needs to act on GE Hudson River pollution

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015
Dredging should be included in talks over GE relocating headquarters to NY

Charles Krauthammer: Look at what six years of foreign policy ‘reset’ has wrought

Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
On Sept.r 5, 2014, Russian agents crossed into Estonia and kidnapped an Estonian security official.

Sick of real criminals ruining our country

Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
*Sick of real criminals ruining our country
*Give peace a chance over war in Mideast
*Candidates shouldn't put signs up too early
*Don't let president get fast track power
*Boot out incumbents in Malta primary race

High Notes

Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

George Will: End-of-life laws should consider dignity, compassion

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
Brittany Maynard was soon to die

Reasonable control of guns won’t take rights

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
*Reasonable control of guns won’t take rights
*Nation needs change Trump would provide
*Back Burger in Spa Public Safety primary
*Trump’s deportation plan been done before
*Amsterdam needs broken windows effort

Doug Lyall did much to aid families of missing children

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
Through Doug Lyall's contributions and the contributions of his wife Mary in the wake of their youngest child's disappearance, the families of other missing children around the country have found assistance, found consolation, found a voice, found hope.

New York needs to make it easier for people to vote

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
When we look at places where we have worked to spread democracy — Afghanistan, Iraq and so forth — we cheer when we see citizens there risking their lives to go to the polls, triumphantly holding their ink-marked fingers in the air. But here at home, voting is not a right we are terribly eager to exercise.

Pledge to stop childish behavior over campaign signs

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015
Annual shenanigans turn potential voters off the process, and it's cheating

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