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Republican primary? Not to worry

Sunday, April 22, 2012
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I hope everyone is ready for the next chapter in meaningless electoral politics, that being the New York Republican primary on Tuesday, which is the same day as the meaningless Republican primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Meaningless, because we already know who the Republican candidate will be — Newt Gingrich. No, wait a minute, I mean Herman Cain. No, I mean Rick Perry. No, again, it’s … it’s … it’s whoever that guy is with the slicked-back hair and the unflappable demeanor. I can’t keep them straight. They all began to run together in my mind long ago.

But you know the one I mean. The one who did not appear to be completely nuts but who won anyway. His closest opponent, the one who wanted to throw up at the idea of separation of church and state and who thinks contraception is bad, has dropped out, so there is no one left who is anywhere close in terms of number of delegates.

Early on I figured nuttiness was the key quality Republican voters were looking for, and I figured it’s because it’s the quality the candidates themselves seemed most eager to project. It was great fun to watch the rest of them pounce whenever one of them slipped and showed even the faintest sign of sanity, as when Gingrich, addressing the question of illegal immigrants, declared, “I am for a path to legality for those people whose ties run so deeply in America that it would truly be a tragedy to try and rip their family apart.”

“A new doorway to amnesty!” pounced the guy with the slicked-back hair, it being understood that “amnesty” is a terrible thing.

Michele Bachmann got to the heart of the matter, saying Gingrich “probably has the most liberal position on illegal immigration of any of the candidates in the race,” which would of course be an automatic disqualifier in a Republican primary.

Why, old Newt had even appeared in an ad with the Wicked Witch of the Left, Nancy Pelosi, and declared the two of them “agree that our country must take action to address climate change.”

Take action to address climate change! How they all snickered over that one.

Newt spent pretty much the whole campaign trying to live the blunder down.

My own interest began to flag when Michele Bachmann dropped out. I thought it would be extremely cool to have a president whose academic credentials came from Oral “Faith-Healer” Roberts University rather than Harvard or Yale.

As for how delegates will be allotted from Tuesday’s primary, don’t worry. It’s too complicated to explain, and it doesn’t matter anyway.

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April 22, 2012
6:29 a.m.
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wmarincic says...

Tea Party ideas Carl are where we have limited government, lower taxes, no hidden earmarks for multi million dollar airports with three flights per day, a stop to unions bankrupting our governments, term limits to stop the buying of our reps and finally personel responsiblity.

As a liberal those are all things that you are against, so what does that say about you? If you look at every broke city, Schenectady included, you will find a city that has decades of democrate rule, coincidence?

April 22, 2012
9:10 a.m.
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FrankLowe says...

Mr Strock, You're constantly trashing Repulicans on the national level. I have no problem with that as I have been trashing them for years myself. But what about the Dems on the national level? We are in the mist of the most corrupt, inept, incompetant and downright dangerous adminastration ever. Obama and his thugs have violated the constitution, have run the economy further into the ground with their "big government is best" attitude, and have racked up more debt than all the presidents before him combined.

You mock certain Republican women, how about the current VP who could possibly be the dumbest man on earth??? Biden makes more gaffes in one day than Palin and Bachman make in a year.

Is it possible that Obama is in the same media catagory as Islam?? Hands off. Is there a fear of being labeled with the "R" word if you point out how bad he really is??

As bad as Rebuplicans are, there's no arguing the fact that Obama is the worst president ever, hands down, and he has been enabled by the spineless media.

April 22, 2012
6:43 p.m.
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Sparkys_Dad says...

Go get 'em Carl!

Hey Wmarincic--
I thinks it's funny that your comments & others coming in are branding Mr. Strock a liberal. Imagine that! It's like branding George Carlin a liberal.

Look my fine feathered friends, whether you agree with him or not...If there was one true patriot for truth it's Carl Strock. Just because he does not agree with the convention idiocracy (oops- I mean wisdom lol) of the day does not make him a liberal.

His principals and precepts derived in his written works paint a very cynical-libertarian message for those not in the know. But liberal? No way. Carl is way more disciplined to have such a loosely fit noun as such dragging around his feet et alia.

So my verbage spouting rabble of intelligencia, what would you perceive to be a good label for Mr. Carlin? Yes, George Carlin. Go on Youtube and search him out.


April 23, 2012
7:09 p.m.
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wmarincic says...

Oh no, a Paulbot....

April 24, 2012
8:06 a.m.
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lanaturner says...

@franklowe, You're in the mist of be sure


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